Bookings Available at L1 INK

Bookings at L1 Ink Tattoo Studio

Bookings being taken now at L1 Ink for the coming weeks with all of our very talented artists. Refer to above picture for examples of the work you can expect from Kyle, Cookie & Nic.

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4 Responses to “Bookings Available at L1 INK”

  1. Hannah dunphy says:

    Hi just want a little tattoo of my twins names and date of birth with two linking hearts on my wrist. Can you quote me a price for this please :)

  2. stephen smith says:

    hi I’m looking to get a quote on a hamsa hand about the size of half of my my forearm? my australian cousin got a tattoo with you guys a few weeks back and i would really like to get my first tattoo here!



    • scottytee says:

      Hi that will totally depend on the size and detail of the hamsa hand you want. as a rough guide you’re looking around 2 hours work and we charge £70 an hour.

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